Elect Pascale Burga P.O. Box 102 North Weymouth, MA 02191US

District 1 Town Councilor

The Platform


The Compressor Station

The compressor station proposal was sent in mid-2014.  Since it's proposal, Pascale has been involved and promoting awareness to STOP the Compressor station.  It's more than just showing up for a photo opportunity. Attending the first informational meetings,  distribution of signs, fundraising and attending rallies since early on.  

The natural gas compressor would be the first in the nation to be in such a populated area.  It poses a risk to the health and safety of the residents of  Weymouth, Braintree and Quincy.  The blowdowns will cause noise and release toxins into our air. The proposed location adjacent to the Fore River Bridge, with even a small problem, could shut down traffic to over 40K cars per day,  routing traffic through Weymouth onto the Landing which it cannot handle.  A major disaster would be catastrophic to our neighborhood and region.  As of today, our first responders, police, fire and emergency management teams do not have disaster response and recovery teams in place.  

In addition to the health and safety risks,  the compressor station is not staffed.  The facility is monitored remotely by camera and security system.   This will greatly affect emergency response time.   Despite what energy officials would like you to believe,  the national gas though this system is not used locally.  It is sent to the far Northeast and to Canada where it can be distributed worldwide.   

The Compressor Station adds ZERO benefits to our community.     For more information about the Compressor station visit NOCompressor.com   

Route 3A - Bridge Street

Route 3A / Bridge street is the first thing most people see when entering North Weymouth.  Over the past few years we have seen some major improvements with the addition of the new ForeRiver bridge.  New Sidewalks to Evans street,  the removal of numerous and dated signs along 3a,  the removal of the Panda Rug  billboard.    

There is still progress to be made.   Our sidewalks beyond Evans street still need attention,  crosswalks not sufficient and excessive speeds are dangerous for traffic, cyclists and pedestrians.    School children cross along the state highway without crossing guards and not enough school signage. 

Building and Supporting Businesses

As a local business owner and a former business owner on 3A,  Pascale understands the issues facing small business.  She will work with the business owners to find solutions to illegal dumping,  minimize graffiti,  better signage and building and facade beautification.   


Pascale is a proud parent of a Weymouth High School graduate and parent of a current St. Jerome school student.  Pascale will represent both to ensure all students have access to all programs and resources in and beyond Weymouth.  Pascale will work to ensure safe crossing and work with school Resource Officers and School Committee to ensure facilities keep our students safe. 

Weymouth Police, Fire and EMT

As the wife of a Weymouth Police officer Pascale understands the issues that face our first responders, families and community.  She will work hard to ensure the safety of those who serve and protect us.   

Supporter of Unions

Pascale is a strong supporter of Unions and believes  they work to make America strong.  Unions protect members interest, earnings and working conditions for all.   She will support and back Union labor. 

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